UNICEF supports ARCT to in monitoring judicial decisions in relation to disadvantaged children with Commissioner for Protection from Discrimination

ARCT through this programme proposes to support the Commissioner for Protection from Discrimination to strengthen their role in identifying diverse areas of law application where children, and particularly certain categories of children face discrimination (whether direct or indirect), or inequitable outcomes (whether intended or not intended). The Commissioner for Protection from Discrimination is a relatively new public oversight body, established in 2010. While at first, the Commissioner focused in reviewing complaints by the citizens for alleged discrimination, the Commissioner gradually moved towards initiating more and more ex officio cases and now the institution is aspiring to engage in some more in-depth monitoring and sectoral review to point out not just individual cases but rather more pervasive forms of discrimination.

This goes in line with various recommendations by regional or international bodies, regarding the strengthening of the oversight role of the Commissioner for Protection from Discrimination, stated in the Concluding Observations of the Human Rights Council and the 2ndUPR on Albania, as well as in the EU progress report on Albania.Section 2.2. of said report states the necessity to build sufficient and solid anti-discrimination case law.[1]While the staff of the Commissioner are now more seasoned professionals and have sharpened their “eye” in uncovering discrimination, the review of judicial decisions is an exercise that will take place for the first time and the institution still needs the added support of a civil society organisation that has engaged longer in monitoring exercises and applies more flexible management and review expertise.


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