Open Society Foundations offers institutional supports to ARCT

 Among the key achievements of ARCT are:

1. Utilization of forensic documentation in holding the state accountable for acts of torture in Albania at the international level. Evidence of cases of systematic torture was presented to the UN Committee Against Torture (May 2012), UN Special Rapporteur on Forced Disappearance, Arbitrary and Summary Executions (2010), UN Human Rights Council (July &September 2013). These special mechanisms and institutions have made key recommendations to the Albaniangovernment which form part of the current strategy of the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Interiors, Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth.

 2. Medico-legal intervention leading to the successful prosecution of 5 police officers for the severe beatings while in custody, during confessions and in pre-trial detention. The ARCT was able to reach the European Court for Human Rights with the evidence documented

 3.Publication of two manuals on Effective Documentation of Torture, inhuman and Degrading Treatment, and the Manual for the Management of the Hunger Strikes:

 4.   Development and presentation of the shadow reports on the Convention Against Torture to the UN Committee Against Torture which made progressive concluding observations as a result. The Albanian government is obliged to comply with the observations and report on progress made by May 2017.

 5.Participation in the Universal Periodic Review of Albania process in May 2013 at the international level in Geneva led to the making of progressive recommendations by the UPR Working Group. The Albania government is following up on these recommendations.

 6.  Contribution on the creation of the Albanian National Preventive Mechanism and its consolidation in the fight against torture through introduction of OPCAT principles for the regular, periodic detention monitoring.

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