Torture Case in Fieri Detention Centre

Torture Case in Fieri Detention Centre

ARCT received a phone call, requesting help from two prisoners: Bledar Panajoti (mentally ill) and Adriatik Meni, claiming that they were beaten by prison police. A team of monitors went to visit this facility and we met with these two prisoners. ARCT has identified signs of plastic and metal handcuffs in their hands and their legs (as means of restrains) - particularly identifiable to one of the prisoners. When asked, Bledar Panajoti showed wounds made by heating him with a bunch of plastic rods (the ones police uses to handcuff) in his back. The monitoring team asked prison authorities, we were presented the service report, and how these two inmates were isolated. We also asked whether there was a documentation by the medical staff of the institution regarding the wounds and their mental situation, but the medical file did not show anything. We also asked whether the medical staff filed the format ARCT has introduced re:Istanbul protocol; yet no documentation.

ARCT has presented a complaint to prosecutor’s office with accusation of a potential case of torture considering their mental problems.

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