Community actions towards fostering rights of children at risk of violent extremism

In the Albanian context the issue of violent extremism is recently addressed through a national strategy and an action plan, designated to address solely the foreign fighters and those identified as Islamic radical groups. Children of incarcerated parents’ tent to live with stigma that they will follow their parents approach. They face problems of aggression, school dropout and trafficking. The project tents to open the “Pandora’ box” regarding the unaddressed issues of children, abandoned without fault. The project' main goal is to support children of parents engaged in violent extremist fights, to integrate into the society and deradicalize any potential threats. such program is expected to be - Innovative interventions have played a preventive role against violations of children’s rights and security; - Concerted actions towards a thoughtful, child-sensitive and principled approaches to disengaging children associated with violent extremist groups:Developed the Structured Youth-Parent-Professional Conversation to help change the behavior of vulnerable youths and help them withdraw from racist or violent groups.

The program is supported by Save the Children & Terre des Hommes, as part of an EIDHR financial support.

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