Prisons and violent extremism

In a dynamic context, where the closed premises such as prisons and detention facilities, happen to be under transformation and reforms, the threat to violent extremism and radicalization remains unaddresed and sometimes not properly understood. 

The project, financially supported by the Dutch Embassy in Tirana,  is conceptualized as an opportunity to address different aspects and root causes for an individual's radicalization process, ties with the outside world ( groups, and/or family), and practical opportunity to societal integration through the assistance of the religious community as a model not a target. 

Focusing directly on inmates (through rehabilitation and advocacy, capacity building and media engagement) the project will be a good basis to address issues of of peace and security through the human rights approach. What can be done with a radicalized prisoner, how long may be the rehabilitation and reintegration and what role can a prison staff play in the process? These are few questions that the project will address. Lastly, The project includes an interesting regional approach which aims to "leave" an open door to other organizations and actors from the Balkan region for future and coordinated interventions. 


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