Conditions for Women in Detention in Albania: Needs, Vulnerabilities and Good practices DIGNITY Publication; Series on Torture and Organised Violence No.10 (2015)

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However, the facility faces significant infrastructure and resource challenges, and in this respect it is considered by staff and NGOs to be among the worst in the penal system in certain respects. Hygiene facilities are inadequate, and living quarters are run-down and lack the space, ventilation and heat required by international standards. Although inmates can train and work, they are not equally remunerated, and the very low rates of pay place them and their dependents in a vulnerable position on release. The over-use of pre-trial detention for low-risk offenders, which often stretches to months if not years, is also of serious concern.

Finally, the practice of regularly redistributing or removing prison staff, at all levels, as happened after the 2013 General Election, arbitrarily interrupts relationships, trainings and programmes that have been tailored to a particularly vulnerable population, and may well as a result, do harm. This requires further consideration.