Historical Memory

Historical Memories

Promoting culture of human rights through Historical Memories and Remembrance in Albania -Supported by Civil Rights Defenders

The initiative reflected was based on an long-standing engagement and work for more than a decade by the Albanian Rehabilitation centre for Trauma and Torture. ARCT remains the only non-political, and non-profit making organization which has based its cause against torture and fight against impunity – to cases of politically persecuted Albanians who find rehabilitation, reparation and integration as a second failure of their own state.

The project was implemented during a year where a lot happened: there was political rotation of powers, newly appointed ministers, new engagement and apparently a positive will from the governmental structures to address the issue of historical memories and remembrance in Albania. Having this new positive attitude, the project was very well accepted the cabinet of the Prime Minister which has delegated the competencies for cooperation and support to the Minister of the Social Welfare, Erjon Veliaj.

Various meetings were organized to keep the discussions and priorities flow: participation in project public events, joint cooperation and support for the data collection and focus groups discussions, were all served to influence the process of integration; through knowledge, awareness and professionalism in addressing the historical memories and remembrance in Albania. Statements and other information were published through ARCT website and social media.


ARCT believes that the Action was the best opportunity towards ccredible and powerful data to address the neglect and abandonment of the former political persecuted. Around 30 cases/ stories were documented and interviews cleared; photographs and archival documents were used for the production of an important book on historical memories. The symbolically commemoration of the Holocaust Day, was linked with launching of a big Exhibition on the Albanian Holocaust and the process of European integration. The exhibition brought together various stakeholders and groups of interest: state institutions, agencies, associations of political prisoners and politically persecuted, international community as EU delegation in Tirana, embassies; political organizations as KAS, media etc.

The Action has kept constant pressure and was used as an advocacy tool to raise the issue of the financial compensation, and implementation of the current legal and administrative framework.

Based, on ARCt pressure, and support by the Ministry of Social Welfare, a national awareness and sensibility was raised; the Albanian Government has taken onboard the recommendations towards an action plan dedicated to historical memories.

The Speaker of the Albanian Parliament expressed his personal commitment towards the cause: recalling the Parliament’s Resolution of 2006 – a contribution of ARCT and some other associations, representing the former politically persecuted in Albania.


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