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10 Dite Greve, 20 te perndjekurit pa pergjigje

10 Dite Greve, 20 te perndjekurit pa pergjigje

Petrit Horjeti - 26 vjet ne burgun e Burrelit- Lindur ne Tepelene ne 1939, Vendbanimi Tirane, pa pension, beqar dhe I pa strehe.

Gjergj Ndreca - 7.5 vjet ne burgun e Spaçit dhe Qafe-barit-vendlindja Durres ne1961, Vendbanimi Tirane I martuar me 4 femije, I papune, I pastrehe

Fatmir Lloçi - 7 vjet ne burgun e Spaçit- Vendlindja Kukes ne 1956, Vendbanimi Tirane I martuar me 3 femije, I papune.

Kujtim Kaziu - 10 vjet ne burgun e Spaçit- vendlindja Kruje ne 1958, vendbanimi Durres, I martuar me 3 femije, I papune.

Petrit Lipo - 18 vjet ne burgun e Burrelit- vendlindja Pogradec ne 1959, Vendbanimi Tirane I martuar me 1 femije, I papune.

Shpetim Karamuca - 26 vjet ne burgun e Burrelit dhe Spaçit- Vendlindja Korçe ne 1941, Vendbanimi Tirane. Nje djale. Pa pension, I pastrehe.

Gazment Hamiti - 5 vjet ne Qafe- Bari, vendlindja Tirane ne 1959, I martuar me 4 femije, I papune.

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26 June- UN(inversal) Day Against Torture

26 June 2012 – Rehabilitation works and is a torture survivor's right

The United Nations International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, on the 26th of June, gives us the opportunity to stand united and remind the world that torture is a cruel violation of human rights.

Rehabilitation is the theme for the 26 June 2012 campaign. Rehabilitation empowers torture victims to resume as full a life as possible. However, rebuilding the life of someone whose dignity has been destroyed takes time and is the result of long-term material, medical, psychological and social support

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ARCT organized an open event in Tirana's Boulevard entitled "They require a grave", dedicated to around 4500 former political persecuted that were executed without a trial during the communist regime. ARCT is the main organization in Albania which has dedicated 16 years of its exsistence to the Cause of the Historical Memories.

This event is part of the June Activities dedicated to the National Campain "ALBANIA WITHOUT TORTURE".


Albania: Torture and ill-treatment in places of detention

Extracts from the ARCT Shadow Report to UN

The Albanian penitentiary system is comprised by 22 penitentiary facilities (pretrial detention and prisons); some inherited from the previous Communist regime and some newly built. While the new facilities have significantly raised the standard for conditions of detention, the remaining 19 old facilities face a series of challenges including problems with material conditions, hygiene and lack of professional staff. These problems are well documented in numerous visit reports by the European Committee on Prevention of Torture (CPT) and are thus well know by the Albanian authorities. The situation in police pretrial facilities is of grave concern with approximately, 25% of detainee’s surveyed by ARCT in 2015 reporting being exposed to violence during arrest or custody.

In addition, various internal police inspection reports have documented unsuitable detention conditions and treatments of detainees in police lockups including: overcrowding and prolonged stays for persons in police custodial cells - sometimes up to 10 days and longer compared to the legal limit of 48 hours, substandard physical conditions, lack of access to health and mental health care, inadequate protection for vulnerable persons, abuse of detainees, poor sanitary conditions, lack of adequate accommodation, and juveniles being held with adults.

Monitoring places of deprivation of liberty (particularly police custodial cells and pretrial detention) re-mains the most important element in ending these violations. In accordance with the Albanian Constitution and national legislation, prisons and police authorities have various internal monitoring mechanism. Since 2010, the institution of People’s Advocate has been functioning as the Albanian National Preventive Mechanism under the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture (OPCAT).


President Honors ARCT Director

The President Topi honors former political persecuted and personalities with important contributions for the Albanian democracy


1 March 2012

The ARCT executive Director, Mr. Adrian Kati recieved a Medal of Gratitude by His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Albania, Prof. Dr. Bamir Topi, with the motivation “For the contribution on integration of the former political persecuted,  for his activity on the protection of human rights, awarenness on torture eradication and prison monitoring. 

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In 2011...

In 2011...

•             Albanian rehabilitation Centre for Trauma and Torture Albanian ARCT contributed in developing access to places of detention through implementation of more than 80 monitoring visits in places of detention, medical examinations, forensic expertise, and psychological assistance for both prison population and former political prisoners.

(We have documented more than 30 thousands stories, photographs, and historical information since early ‘90s, which will be advocated under the slogan “Historical Memories” in the country, and organize a Unique Exhibition at the premises of the President of the Republic)

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