Strategic litigation Forum

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Strategic Litigation Forum for Human Rights Law Practitioners, NGOs and Investigative Media
Tirana, 16 May 2013
Within the framework of the Project “Support to Human Rights and Access to Justice actions for vulnerable and marginalized people in detention places”, supported by the European Commission (EIDHR/CBSS) and the DIGNITY- Danish Institute against Torture, as part of its programme of work to encourage the use of strategic litigation to promote Access to Justice for vulnerable and marginalized people in detention,
The Albanian Rehabilitation Centre for Trauma and Torture is holding a one-day national forum on strategic litigation in the field of the rights of people in detention, in association with DIGNITY- Danish Institute against Torture, and participation of REDRESS legal experts.
The objective of this training is to give participants a basic grounding in:
  • the general concept of strategic litigation, whether at International or European level;
  • the practicalities of taking cases under the European Convention;
  • the specific ECtHR case law principles relevant
The intention is that participants are equipped with sufficient knowledge to identify legal cases that constitute strategic litigation, to understand and apply basic legal processes that are part of strategic litigation, as part of their organisation's advocacy plans.
The event will take place in Tirana, on Thursday 16th May, at Vila Tafaj.