In 2011...

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•             Albanian rehabilitation Centre for Trauma and Torture Albanian ARCT contributed in developing access to places of detention through implementation of more than 80 monitoring visits in places of detention, medical examinations, forensic expertise, and psychological assistance for both prison population and former political prisoners.

(We have documented more than 30 thousands stories, photographs, and historical information since early ‘90s, which will be advocated under the slogan “Historical Memories” in the country, and organize a Unique Exhibition at the premises of the President of the Republic)

•             ARCT fought for under represented, abused, women with children in prisons, juvenile and people with disabilities and chronic diseases.

Success stories show that women in prisons have benefited reduced sentences through ARCT Case representations

•             ARCT expanded projects and programs to help social victims/second generation torture victims with concrete possibilities of reintegration.

We also took steps to provide a “small” lightening window for the former Guantanamo prisoners settled in Albania and needy for medical, psychological and social treatment/ reintegration. Awareness was constantly raised for their legal status and the challenges they face in daily life

•             ARCT met the needs of an ever-increasing number of imprisoned individuals with limited access to medical treatments and mentally disturbed, advocating that even though imprisoned, the sate is responsible to not blocking access to crucial services or benefits.

We promoted best practices and challenges through the National Conference On Prisons developments and Challenges – used as a platform of evaluation of role of civil society in opening these closed institutions.

•             ARCT forged new partnerships with public and private universities, human rights defenders and lawyers, journalists, medical doctors, psychiatrists and strengthened ties to these outstanding professionals through our well-established program of internships, engagements, contribution in studies and research, lecturing, etc.