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Considering the data, dynamics and the gravity of the current human rights situation, providing legal assistance free of charge for categories of prisoners in pre trial and detention facilities has raised the awareness on the activities that ARCT was engaged during 2011; the cooperation with and experience exchange with state authorities and civil society actors which operate for the improvements of the service within penitentiary system. Raising the issue at the national campaign against torture creates a better awareness on the multiplier level of project outcomes on human treatment and dignity after the project period of time.
ARCT has been able to finalize Strategic Priorities 2012-16, creating a consolidated basis for the institutional strengthening and better positioning of the organization in terms of concrete priority-setting processes and clear deadlines, thus contributing in developing an internal organization’ s profile towards a future potential institutional partnership.  Being in the domain of prevention and rehabilitation of those who have suffered torture atrocities, ARCT designed the Action as inter-link with the work that ARCT is currently performing, having the component of the rehabilitation for torture victims - prioritized ad an advocacy tool.